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Care of Humans provide Quick Emergency treatments and Medical facility in Dubai, call our emergency number to avail the services.

+971 54 541 3373

COH is a UAE-based medical promotion company dedicated to providing medical travel assistance, health care solutions, and management strategies in the corporate sector. The COH team is proud of more than 15 years of experience in the medical and healthcare sector, with extensive knowledge of relevant procedures and practices. We look forward to providing the best possible service worldwide. We assure you that you are looking for yourself and your members anywhere in the world at any time.

We analyze the needs of our clients and present royal services backed by an effective solution. Customized services based on the expectations of our customers ensure positive results that strengthen strong relationships with customers. The ability and ability of COH to deliver the best business solutions based on market intelligence and modern trends gives us a competitive edge.”

From Comfort of Your Place

You’ll find and receive our personalized
healthcare within the comfort of your home,
hotel, offices, or any place you wish,
we will be there, anywhere and anytime.

Time Effective

Not only will you be saving your time but you will be treated much faster without having the need to be standing in a queue.


No appointments, waiting and questions asked. Just one call and we will be at your doorsteps.


Will the doctor I am going to contact be able to solve my online medical problem?

Yes, depending on your symptoms, your doctor will give you a plan for your diagnosis and treatment (medications and / or tests) to effectively solve your health problems.

Since the launch of our telecommunications site, our doctors have been in contact with general and new patients.

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