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Care for humans provide quick nursing services at your doorstep for all kind of services like dressing, giving an injection, routine checkups and more, we have highly trained nurses. Call now on 04 222 2903 for booking a nurse service.

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Home Nursing Services in Dubai | 24/7 Home Care Nursing Services at your doorstep

We are here to remove the stress and anxiety that mothers and fathers often experience, allowing them to fully enjoy the experience of parenthood. By examining the different needs of each child, as well as the rest of your family, we will ensure that the change in parenting, and more importantly, is as smooth and peaceful as possible.


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From Comfort of Your Place

You’ll find and receive our personalized
healthcare within the comfort of your home,
hotel, offices, or any place you wish,
we will be there, anywhere and anytime.

Time Effective

Not only will you be saving your time but you will be treated much faster without having the need to be standing in a queue.


No appointments, waiting and questions asked. Just one call and we will be at your doorsteps.


All Nursing Care Needs in One Place.

Whatever kind of home care you need, from a pregnant nurse, a newborn nurse, or a newborn nurse to a critically ill nurse, a traveling nurse, or a hotel nurse, we can assist you with experienced, friendly, and trusted specialists each registered with the Dubai Health Authority. In caring for people, we pride ourselves on building trust with our customers. We aim to make your transition from parenting to, and more importantly, as smooth as possible.
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