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Occupational Therapy

Care for humans provides a caring, comprehensive, integrated approach to assessing and treating children with developmental disorders. Our therapy sessions are one on one to provide the greatest benefit to our children. Call now on 04 222 2903 for booking an occupational therapy service.

+971 4 222 2903


The child’s job is to play, learn, grow and develop!

COH, UAE has introduced teleconsultation services for all specialist doctors across different specialties through an automated Tele Medicine platform that is integrated with the hospital patient data system. Patients can access the facility by booking an online slot appointment, checking for insurance qualifications, obtaining a video consultation link, and finally, a payment link is sent to the patient to complete the procedure. At every step in the patient’s journey in the CARE OF HUMANS teleconsultation solution, we care for the identification of the right patient and the delivery of quality services.

From Comfort of Your Place

You’ll find and receive our personalized
healthcare within the comfort of your home,
hotel, offices, or any place you wish,
we will be there, anywhere and anytime.

Time Effective

Not only will you be saving your time but you will be treated much faster without having the need to be standing in a queue.


No appointments, waiting and questions asked. Just one call and we will be at your doorsteps.

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